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Modern Christian Baby boy names

If you are also a blessed parent of a new born baby and looking for a modern christian baby boy name for your little one, then you have stumbled upon the right website. List of thousands of baby names from all over the world is just a mouse click away from you. We have designed the lists of modern christian baby names, unique names, top christian baby names to make your search easy for the perfect name for your baby. Some of these names will absolutely make it to your short list. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it, and choose a perfect, unique and modern christian baby boy name for your baby!!!

List of Modern Christian Boy names & meanings

Modern Baby Boy Names Meaning of the Name Category
Aaron enlightened; messenger Christian
Adrien dark Christian
Ajalon place of gazelles Christian
Aldis old and wise Christian
Alexis defender of mankind Christian
Andrew manly Christian
Anel angel Christian
Anthony praiseworthy, flourishing Christian
Arin enlightened, messenger Christian
Aubrey bearlike; blond ruler Christian
Barlow bare hillside Christian
Beacher beech trees Christian
Beval like the wind Christian
Blake dark Christian
Bradley broad meadow Christian
Branden beacon valley Christian
Branton Brant's town Christian
Brennan little raven Christian
Brodie a heavy work shoe Christian
Byrd birdlike Christian
Campbell beautiful field Christian
Chancey chancellor, church official Christian
Chase hunter Christian
Christopher follower of Christ Christian
Colby coal town Christian
Dalton town in the valley Christian
Darwyn dear friend Christian
David beloved Christian
Delaney descendant of the challenger Christian
Delmar sea Christian
Denis follower of god of wine Christian
Denman man from the valley Christian
Deon valley Christian
Dorian from Doris, Greece Christian
Dylan sea Christian
Elbert noble and bright Christian
Erwan peaceful one Christian
Finley blond-haired soldier Christian
Francis free; from France Christian
Frank free Christian
Galore abundant; plenty Christian
Gib brilliant pledge Christian
Grant great plains Christian
Gunner soldier with a gun Christian
Hardwin brave friend Christian
Hartley dear meadow Christian
Hester a form of Ester; star Christian
Holbrook brook in the hollow Christian
Ira watchful Christian
Jackie supplanter, substitute Christian
Jaime love; affection Christian
Jamison son of James Christian
Jervis honorable Christian
Jody praised Christian
Josey God will add Christian
Kasidy clever Christian
Kelsey ship island Christian
Kiersten follower of Christ Christian
Kinsley offspring, relative Christian
Kip pointed hill Christian
Kirsten follower of Christ Christian
Kyle attractive Christian
Ladd attendant Christian
Lane narrow road Christian
Lewis beloved friend Christian
Lister dyer Christian
Lyman meadow; valley man Christian
Maddox child of the benefactor Christian
Marice bitter, sea of bitterness Christian
Mason stone worker; builder Christian
Massey twin Christian
Matthew gift of God Christian
Mattison good child of Maud Christian
Mikah new moon Christian
Milford mill by the ford Christian
Murphy sea warrior Christian
Nicholes son of Nicholas Christian
Osgood divinely good Christian
Paige young child Christian
Paulie small Christian
Pell parchment Christian
Pierce small rock Christian
Race race; runner Christian
Randi protected Christian
Reid red-haired; ruddy complexion Christian
Ricci ruler of all Christian
Ritchie rich # powerful ruler Christian
Rowland rough land Christian
Rutley meadow of reeds Christian
Seabrook brook near the sea Christian
Stockwell tree-stump well Christian
Swinton swine town Christian
Tareton Thor's settlement Christian
Teddi gift of God Christian
Thorndike thorny embankment Christian
Tod fox Christian
Townley town meadow Christian
Tyler tailor Christian
Walt army ruler, general Christian
Westin western town Christian
Windsor riverbank with a winch Christian
Wycliff village near the cliff Christian
Yannis gift of God Christian