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Babies love songs and rhymes with actions. Poems and Rhymes play a very important and imperative role to develope baby's  phonological awareness. Songs and rhymes can be used (especially with older children) as a form of relaxation or unwinding before bed. Browse our finest collection of poems and rhymes.

Senorita Poem
Jingle Bells Poem
Love Poem
Ging Gang Gilly Poem
Heal The World Poem
Uma Paloma Blanca poem
Smile Poem
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Poem
Ringa Ringa Roses Poem
I sent a Letter Poem
The Elephant
Incy Wincy Spider
Found a Peanut
Here is a bird
Days of the Week
Cindrella Poem
Do Re Me Poem
Five Rosy Apples Poem
My Birthday Poem
My home is the best Poem
Rain Drops Poem
My home is the best Poem
Trees Poem
Water Poem
Tick Tock Poem
Baby Beds
Dinosaur Poem
Good Manners
I need a Hair cut
Little Pumpkin
The Monkey
Our National Flag
The Old Man
The Silver Slippers(A poem about shoes)
The Moon
Foriegn Lands
The Sick Young Dragon
The River
The Milk
The Squeaky Squirrel
The Zoo
Little Baby
Baby's Dance
See Saw Poem
If you are happy
Little Butterfly
Little Snowman
Joy to the World
Jack and Jill
Jack in the Box
Johny Johny Jingles
Daddy, I Love You
The Apple Tree
The Ants Go Marching
The Owl
Little Turtle
Three Little Kittens
Two Little Dicky Birds
Three Young Rats
Two Little Eyes
Turn Your Fingers
A Little Dog
The Cuckoo
The Little Duck
The Tiger
This is the Sun
A Pail of Water
Good and Bad Children
Marry had a Little Lamb
Miss Polly Had a Dolly
Mr. Bunny
My Toothbrush
My Five Senses
My Birdie
Mr. Sun
I had a Little Turtle
Little pussy
I'll sing you a song
I'll tell you a story
Five Little Teddies
The Ship
The Dog
The Exams
The FInger Family
Our Helpers
The Banyan Tree
True Friend
My Mom My World
Time is Money Poem
Seasons Poem
Terrorism Poem
Some good things to Know Poem
Welcome Spring
Sharing is Caring
My School is the Best
Value of TIme Poem
The Lady Bug Poem
Patience Poem
Friends are Life
I had a Little Doggy
My School
Animal's Pain
Unit Tests
Do You Know the Number
Let the Sunshine in
Oats, Peas, beans and barley grow
Row Your Boat
The colors of winter
Get Together Poem
Little Piggy
Three Blind Mice
Market Poem
Little Mermaid
You are my sunshne
Two Little Maids
One finger one thumb
Children Poem
If a Child Poem
Thank You and Please Poem
Angels are watching over me
A Wise Old Owl
Journey of Life

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