The Sick Young Dragon

Here is a poem about a young dragon that is sick. He is not able to breathe out fire like he usually does. So his mother calls in the doctor, who tells the dragon to do some strange things to cure himself. Will the dragon get his fire back? Let's read the poem and see.....

'What can I do?' the young dragon cried.
'Although I've simply tried and tried.
It doen't matter how hard I blow,
I cannot get my fire to go!'

'Open your mouth', his mother said.
'It's no wonder! your throat's red.
Your scales are cold. You must be ill.
I think you must have cought a chill,

The doctor came, He looked and said,
'You'll need a day or two in bed.
Your temperature's down. No doubt
That's the reason your fire has gone out.

'Just drink this petrol. Chew these nails.
They'll help you to warm up your scales.
Just take it easy. Watch T.V,
You'll soon be as right as rain, you'll see.

The young dragon did as he was told.
And soon his scales stopped feeling cold.
He sneezed some sparks. His face glowed bright,
He coughed and set the sheets alight.

'Oh dear!' he cried. 'I have burnt the bed!'
"It doesn't matter,' his mother said.
'Those sheets were old. Go out and play.
Just watch where you breathe fire today!'
                                                                           Derek Stuart

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