Lullaby(short poem for kids)

A lullaby is a song that is gentle and restful. It i usually sung to put children to sleep. The first part of the word 'lullaby' is thought to come from the 'lu lu' or 'la la' sounds made by mothers to calm the children. The second part of the word can be either from 'by-by' another lulling sound or 'bye-bye' a term for good night.

Close your eyes gently
And cuddle in
Keep yourself snug,
A new day will begin.

Have pleasant dreams about
Those things you  love,
Sleep is like an island,
Waiting above.

Night is like a blanket
Keeping you warm,
If you close your eyes you can,
Come to no harm.

Dreams are like journeys
Drifting along,
Rest is a present,
Keeping you strong.


By: Alan Bold

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