I need a Hair cut(poem/Rhyme for kids)

I need a hair cut,
But i don't know where to go?
The barber cuts the hair.
Hey ho the merry ho,
The barber cuts the hair.

"Stomach is hurting badly
I can not eat a thing!"
Doctor, doctor, doctor,
He gives me medicine.
If you have a problem, go to him.

"I have to go to a party
but I have a broken shoe!"
Hammer, hammer, hammer,
Nail, nail, nail,
I am a cobbler, I'll help you.

"A house catches fire
Where to go?"
Fire, fire, fire, fire,
Smoke very where,
Just dial 101, Get the help from fireman.

"Wrote a letter to my friend,
Wondered how to send?"
Put it in the letter box,
tring, tring, tring,
Letters from your friend,
says the postman.

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