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In this section we have 225 unique and latest Indian Hindu baby names which begin with letter D for new born baby girl. You can read baby girl names of Hindu origin starting from D with meanings for free.

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Hindu Baby girl Names Meaning
Devalekha Celestial Beauty.
Devalina Beloved of God.
Devmani The gem worn by Vishnu.
Devamati Virtuous.
Devmayi Divine illusion.
Devmitra A friend of the Gods.
Devananda Daughter of God.
Devangana River Ganga.
Devangi Like a Goddess.
Devanshi Divine.
Devrati Delight of the Gods.
Devroopa Divine form.
Devasena A daughter of daksha.
Devashree Divine beauty.
Devasmita With a divine smile.
Devapriya Dear to the God.
Devatha Goddess.
Deleena Good looking.
Demira Devotee of Lord Krishna.
Deepa Lamp.
Deepabali Row of lamps.
Deepadhari River Ganga.
Deepali Collection of lamps.
Deepakala Evening time.
Deepamala Row of lamps.
Deepamale River Ganga.
Deepmani Shining jewel.
Deepana Illuminating.
Deepanwita Lit by lamps.
Deepanjali Express dedication by lamps.
Deeparathi A ritual done with lamps on auspicious occasion.
Deepashikha Flame.
Deepashri Lamp.
Deepaprabha Fully lighted.
Deepika Small lamp.
Deepitha Illuminated.
Deepta Shining,.
Deepthi Glow, shine.
Deepti Glow, shine.
Deeptikana A beam of light.
Deeptimoyee Lustrous.
Desiha Happy.
Deshapali Row of lamps.
Deshna Gift.
Dadhija Daughter of milk.
Daksha The earth, Sati
Dakshakanya Able daughter.
Dakshayani Daughter of Daksha, Parvathi.
Dakshata Skill.
Dakshina A donation to god or priest.
Dakshinya Modesty.
Dala Petal, fragrant.
Dalaja Produced from petals.
Dalakamal A lotus.
Damyanti Queen of Nala.
Damini Lightening.
Damita Young lady.
Danika Morning star.
Danita God is my judge.
Danna Gift.
Danaveera An extremely generous person.
Darika Maiden
Darpana Mirror.
Darpanika A small mirror.
Darshana Vision.
Darshani One who is worth looking at..
Darshini The one who blesses.
Darshita Good morning.
Darshwana Pure of heart.

Dipti Lightening.
Dirghayu Long life.
Disha Direction.
Dishi Direction.
Dishika Direction.
Dishita Focus.
Dishta Directed, fixed.
Diti Wife of sage kashyap.
Divena Blessing.
Divija Born in heaven.
Divya Heavenly.
Divyana Divine.
Divyangani An angel.
Divyansha Divine power.
Divyanshi Part of divine power.
Divyasarita River Ganga.
Diya Lamp.
Doyal A song bird.
Draupadi Pandava’s wife.
Drishti Eyesight.
Dhanyatha Success.
Dhara Earth, constant flow.
Dharani The earth.
Dharathi Earth.
Dharini Earth.
Dharithri Earth.
Dharmika Religious.
Dharmini Religious.
Dharmista Lord of dharma
Dharnitha earth
Dhathri Earth.
Dharuna Supporting.
Dhaula White
Dhavala White.
Dhavita purified and clean.
Dheeksha Religious pledge.
Dheeptha Lakshmi.
Dheera Patient.
Dheerata Courage.
Dhenu Cow.
Dhenumati Another name of river Gomati.
Dhitha Daughter.
Dhithi Thought, idea.
Dhitika Thoughtful, wise.
Dhoolika Dew drop.
Dhriti Courage.
Dhruti Earth.
Dhruvatara Pole star.
Druvi Firm.
Dhruvika Firm.
Dhuthi Luster.
Dhvani Sound.
Dhwani Melody.
Dhyana Meditation.
Dhyeya Aim, ideal.
Didhiti A ray of light, sunbeam or moonbeam.
Digvijayi To conquer the world.
Diljot Light of the heart.
Diksha Initiation.
Dilani Glowing.
Dipali A row of lights.
Dipakshi Bright eyed.
Dipashri Lamp.
Drishya Sight.
Drupanandini Draupadi.
Drusilla Soft-eyed.
Druthi Softened.
Dulari A darling daughter.
Dumati One with bright intellect.
Durga Goddess riding a tiger.
Dwabha Twilight.
Dwipavati River.
Dyumna Glorious.
Dyumani Shining gem.
Dyuthi Glow, shine.
Dyuksha Heaven.
Dyumayi Splendid, shining, brightness.
Dashahara River Ganga.
Dashani 10th day of paksha in hindu calendar.
Davana A fragrant herb.
Daya Kindness.
Dayamayee Kind.
Dayanita Tender.
Dayavati Full of mercy.
Dayita Beloved.
Debanshi A part of devas.
Deeba Silk.
Deeksha Religious initiation.
Dehini The earth.
Devadutta Given by the gods.
Devdhani Divine abode.
Devaga A form of Shakti.
Devagiri Divine knowledge.
Devahuti Daughter of Manu.
Devajaya Wife of the Gods.
Devajuti Attached to the Gods.
Devak Divine.
Devakanta Beloved of the Gods.
Devakanya Celestial maiden.
Devaki Krishna’s mother.
Devakirti With heavenly fame.
Devkulya Divine pitcher belonging to gods, holy Ganga.
Devkusum Divine flowers.
Devala A goddess.
Devalatha Divine wine.
Devavamini Daughter of Bharadwaj.
Devavani A divine voice.
Devavathi A Gandharva’s daughter.
Devavi A devotee of God.
Devayani Name of Yayati’s wife.
Deveshi Goddess Durga.
Devi Goddess.
Devina Resembling a goddess.
Devila Attached to the Gods.
Devika Minor deity.
Devishi Chief of the Goddesses.
Devya Divine power.
Devyani Daughter of Shukracharya.
Devishi Goddess Durga
Devkanya Divine damsel.
Devika Small Goddess.
Devki Lord Krishna’s mother.
Devmani Divine Gift.
Devna Godly.
Dhairya Patient and calm.
Dhanalakshmi Goddess of wealth.
Dhanali The one who brings wealth.
Dhanapriya Loved by wealth.
Dhanashri A raga.
Dhanvanti Holding wealth.
Dhanvi Money.
Dhanya Dhruv’s third wife.
Dhanishta A star.

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Hindu baby girl names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Hindu baby girl names are also based on caste, epics and Indian hindu Mythology. Choosing the Indian hindu name for your baby girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian hindu baby name for your baby girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian hindu Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Hindu Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.