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In this section we have 425 unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Indian Hindu baby names which begin with letter A for new born baby boy. You can read new born baby names of Hindu origin starting from A with meanings for free.

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One who is easily pleased
Hindu Baby boy Names Meaning
Aalap Musical prelude, conversation
Aaliyah Sunshine, bright
Aalok Cry of victory
Aamod Pleasant
Aandaleeb A bird
Aanjaney Lord Hanuman
Aanjaneya Lord Hanuman
Aaquid One who promises  One who seeks the right direction
Aarav   Peaceful
Aarish  Sky
Aarit  One who seeks the right direction
Aranav Hindu Baby Boy Name
Aashank Doubtful
Aarth meaning
Aarpit To donate
Aaraadhak Worshipper
Aarjav One who is steadfast in happy and sorrow
Aaradhay Regard
Aarush First ray of sun.
 Aarya  Line or any particular raaga from sanskrit
Aaron Regard Enlightened, inspired
Aashay Meaning, gist.
Aashish Bless
Aashlesh To embrace
 Aashrith Ruler
Aashman Son of the sun
Aatish Fire, explosive, a dynamic person
Aatmaj Son
Aatrey An ancient name
Aathiswaran The fire.
Aatherya A disciple of sage Vamadeva.
Aatma Soul.
Aayan Hindu Baby Boy Name
Aayu Span of life
Aayush Hindu Baby Boy Name
Aayushmaan Long life.
Abadhya Ever victorious, invincible.
Abalendu The full moon.
Abayomi He who brings joy.
Abbas A family name, Ferocious lion, Marvel of Peru.
Abbot    Father
Abe Breath.
Abeer Color.
Abhas    Reflection
Abhat Shining, visible.
Abhav Vishnu., Shiva
Abhay Courageous, fearless.
 Abhaya Fearless.
Abhayad Safety.
Aastik One who has faith in God.
Abha Light
 Abharan  Jewel
Abheeran   A Cow Herd         
Aachman Intake of a sip of water before Puja.
Aadhira Moon
Aadhunik Moderen, New
Aadesh Command, message
Aadi First, important
Aadidev The first God
Aadinath The first God
Aadishankar Shrishankaracharya, the founder of Adwaitha philosophy
Aadit Peak
Aaditey Son of Aditi
Aaditya Sun
Aafreen Encouragement
Aagman Arrival
Aagney The son of the Fire God
Aagyey Unknown
Aahlaad Delight
Aahlaadith  Joyous person
Aahwaanith Wanted, the one who has been invited
Aakanksh Desire
Aakar Shape, form
Aakash Sky
 Aalam The whole world, ruler, king.
Abrar        Saints, truthful people.
Absalom  Son of king David, father of peace.
Abu  Lord, master, father, lotus.
Achal  Static, constant.
Achlapati Lord of mountain
Achalendra The Himalayas.
Achalesvara Another name of Lord Shiva.
Acharya; teacher
Acharyanandana Son of the teacher.
Acharyasuta Son of the teacher, another name of Aswatthama.
Acharyatanya Son of the teacher.
Achindra Perfect, flawless.
Achintya Inconceivable, A name of Lord Shiva.
Achyut Perfect, indestructible, name of Lord Vishnu.
Achyutanand         The almighty.
Achyutaraya A devotee of Lord Vishnu.
Adarsh Ideal.
 Adelik Successful, full of concentration.
 Adeep Illuminating.
Adesh An order, a command.
Adhamb Straightforward, Lord Shiva.
 Adheash Ruler, chief.
Adheer Restless
 Adheesh  God, king.
Adhesh A command.
Adhik More superior, elevated.
Adhikara  Right, control.
Adhip  King.
Adhish         King, God.
Adhishesh Abundant, plentiful, surplus.
Adhishwar Supreme, the almighty.
Adhita A scholar.
 Adhiraj Monarch, ruler.
  Adhip Leader, King.
Adhrutha Another name of Vishnu.
Adil  Sincere.
Adinarayana Vishnu.
 Adinath    Leader.
Adikavi .  First poet.   
Adipurush Paramatma.
Adishanker Shri shankaracharya, founder of Adwaithya Philosophy.
 Adishesh Serpent God.
Adisura  Name of an ancient king, Vishnu.
 Adit  From the beginning.
 Aditey  Another name of the sun.
 Adithya Sun.
Aditya The sun
Adityanandan Son of the sun.
Adjovi Prince.
Adra Rock, hard.
 Adripathi Master of the mountains.
 Advaita Non-duality.
Advay Unique.
Advik   Unique.
 Adwithiya Unequalled, peerless.
 Adwait Undivided, singleness.
Adwaiy  One, united.
Aftab  The sun.
Agasti             The name of a sage.
Agastya  The name of a sage the name of a star.
Agendra   King of the mountains.
 Agha Master, Lord.
Aghad Deep, vast.
Agharna  The moon.
Aghat Destroyer of the sin.
Aghama The moon.
Aghor One of the five faces of Lord Shiva.
Aghoranath Lord Shiva.
Agira Sun, fire.
Agneya The son of agni, The direction between east and south.    
Agnihamsa Soul.
Agnimitra Friend of fire.
   Agnikumar The son of fire.
Agniprava Bright as fire
Agnivesh Name of a saint.
 Agrahar A plot of a land given to a Brahman or a king.
Agrim  First.
Agrima  Leadership.
Agriya First, best.
  Agyey Unknown.
Ahalad  Enjoy.
 Ahidhar  Who wears serpents, Lord Shiva.
Ambak     The eye.
Ambar Sky.
Ambarish Vishnu, moon, sky.
Amber The sky.
Amberam  The sky.
Ambrose  Immortal.
Ambud The cloud.         
Ambudhi The sea.
Ambuj Lotus.
Ambujanabh Lord Vishnu.
Ameek Very deep.
Ameen Honest.
Amey boundless
 Amin    Faithful
Amir Ruler, king..             
Amish honest
Amit Without limit.
Amitabh Limitless, Vishnu.
Amitbikram Limitless prowess.
 Amitesh Vishnu.
Amitjyoti  Limitless brightness.
Amitoj Who is difficult to be conqured.
Amitosh  Ever happy.
Amitrasudan Destroyer of enemies.
Amiy                                   Nectar. 
Amiya  Nectar.
 Amjad Glorious.
Amlan Unfading, ever shining.
Amlankusum Unfading flower.
Ameet Limitless.
Ameer Rich
Amod Pleasure.
Amodin Joyful.
Amogh Unerring.
Amol Priceless.
Amolik Priceless.
Amolak Priceless.  Faithful.
Amoolya Priceless
Amresh Lord Indra.
Amrik Nectar.
Amrit Nectar.
Amrut Food of Devas.
Amrutsagar Sea of nectar.
Amshul Bright.
Amshuman Sun.

Which can not be  restricted.
Amul              . priceless
Amulya Eternal.
Anaadhi Without beginning.
Anagh Sinless.
Anagha Sinless.
Anal five
Analaksha Shiva.
Anand Happiness.
Ananda Bliss, joy
Anandagiri Mountain of happiness. 
Anandmohan  Lord Krishna.
Anandvardhan   One who increases happiness. Anandraman Lord ram.
Anandi Eternal.
Anang Cupid.
Ananga     God of Love.
Ananmaya  Which can not be broken.
 Anant, Ananta Infinite.
Anantaram     Vishnu.
Anantaranga Vishnu.
Anantharaman Lord Ram.
Ananya Incomparable.
Anamitra The sun.
Anarghya Priceless.
Anbu          Love, kindness
Anbuchelvan Kind, king of love
Anbumadi Kind and intelligent
Aneesh Lord.
Anek Many.
Anchit Honoured.
Angad An ornament.
Angaj Son.
 Angiras  Sage.
Angshu  Ray of light
Anik Soldier.
 Aniket To whom the entire world is home.
Anil The wind God.
 Anilabh Zephyr.
 Animesh One Who does not wink.
 Animish A Deva.
Anindit Blameless.
Aniteja Splendour.
 Aniruddha  Free.
Arivumadhi Intelligent
Arivumani Intelligent jem
Arivunambi Confident and intelligent
Arka The sun.
Arkeshwar The sun.
Armaan Hope, desire.
Arnav Sea
Arnesh Lord of the sea.
Arni High.
Aroop Shapeless.
Arpan Sacrifice.
Arpit Dedicated.
Arshad Pious.
Arth Meaning.
Aruj Healthy and sound.
Arul Glorious, shining.
Arun Sun.
Arunabh Glow of sun.
Arunakar The sun.
Arunesh The sun.
Arunkant Person shining like morning sun.
Arunkiran Person shining like sun rays.
Arunamshu Reddish rays.
Arunank Sun.
Arunoday Dawn, blooming.
Arunopal The ruby.
Arvad Wanderer.
Arvind Lotus.
Arya Gentleman, king.
Aryan Son of Arya.
Aryadev Name of a philosopher.
Aryak A serpent king.
Aryama The sun.
Aryaman The sun.
Aryamitra The friend of good people.
Aryanathan Lord Ayyappa
Asadharan Uncommon, special.
Asav Essence.
Aseem Limitless.
Asees Blessings.
Asgar Devotee.
Ashank Faith, hope.
Ashankit Symbol of hope.
Ashay Desire, hope.
Asher Fortunate.
Ashim Limitless.
Ashirvad Blessings
Ashish Benediction.
Ashit Dark, the planet Saturn.
Ashlesh Embrace.
Ashmit Strong
Ashok Cheerful, name of a famous king.
Ashray Shelter, protection.
Ashraydat One who gives shelter and protection.
Ashu Quick.
Ashutosh Lord Shiva.
Ashwabh Lightening.
Ashwaghosh The name of a poet.
Ashwalayan Son of Vishwamitra.
Ashwat Holy people tree.
Ashwatanarayan Lord Vishnu.
Ashwin The name of a month of the Hindu calendar.
Asim Limitless.
Asit Not white.
Asitvaran Dark complexioned.
Aslam Greeting.
Aslesh Embrance.
Asman The sky.
Asthamurthi Shiva.
Asthik One who believes in God.
Aswaghosh Name of a philosopher.
Aswattama Drona’s son.
Aswin Name of a star.
Atanu Cupid.
Atal Immoveable.
Athiya To surpass.
Atharvan One of the four Vedas
Atma Soul.
Atmaja Son.
Atmanand Bliss of soul.
Atamjyot The light.of the soul.
Atamendra Bliss of soul.
Atreya The son of sage Atri.
Atul Matchless.
Atulya Incomparable.
Avadhesh King of Avadh
Avadhoot God Dattatreya
Avalok One who beholds.
Avanindra Lord of the earth.
Avanish Lord of earth.
Avasyu Lord indra.
Avatar Incarnation.
Avi The sun and air.
Avichal Mountain.
Avikam Diamond.
Avikshit Never seen before.
Avilash Faithful.
Avinash Indestructible.
Aviral One who never stops.
Avkash Limitless space.
Avatar Incarnation.
Ayaan Hindu Baby Boy Name
Ayyappan Ever youthful, the name of a deity.
Ayog Institution.
Ayush Span of life.
Ayushman Blessed with long life.
Ayyappan Ever youthful.
Azeez Friend.
Azhagar The handsome one
Azhar Famous, luminous
Azzam The almighty.
Ahan  Dawn.
Ahsan Mercy.
Ahwanith wanted
Aijaz Favour.
Aiman Fearless.
Ainesh The sun’ glory.
Airaawat               Elephant.
Aja Unborn.
Ajar Ageless
Ajaat  Unborn.
Ajatshatru Without enemies.
Ajamil A mythological king.
Ajay One who can not be conquered.
Ajinkya Invincible.
Ajit Invincible, a successful person.
Ajitabh          One who has conquered the sky.
Ajitesh Victorious, God.
Ajmal pious
Ajkhyat famous
Ajmil A mythological king
Ajoy Joyful.
Akalank faultless
Akalmesh Pure, sinless
Akand Gentle, without anger.
Akansh Desire, hope
Akarshak                  attractive 
Akarsh Attractive.
Akarshan Attraction.
Akash The sky.
Akashaling Shivaling at Chidambaram.
Akbar  name of a powerful emperor
 Akhand Whole, complete
Akhandanand  Fully happy, God.
Akhil Perfect, world.
Akhilesh Lord of the world.
Anirvan Deathless.
Anish God Vishnu.
Anitej Immeasurable.
Anjaan Stranger.
Anjal Worship.
Anjan Kajal.
Anjaneya Hanuman.
Anjanikumar Lord Hanuman.
Anjas Straightforward, honest.
Anjor Full of light, bright, clear.
Anjul The one who stays in the heart.
Anjum A token star.
Anjuman A token.
Ankit Marked.
Ankur New life.
Ankush Check.
Anmol Priceless.
Anoop Place full of water.
Ansh A part.
Anshu Ray of light.
Anshuk Radiant.
Anshul Sun ray.
Anshuman The sun.
Anshumanth Luminous.
Anshumat Illuminous.
Antang A complete person.
Antaresh Name of a giant red star.
Antariksh Sky.
Anthahkaran Sympathy, kindness.
Antosha Inestimable.
Anu Atom.
Anuchand Handsome.
Anudeep Lamp.

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