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Choosing a unique Hindu baby name can be challenging for parents. There seem to be too many possibilities when it comes to choose a unique as well as traditional hindu baby name. check this out...

In general, Hindu baby names have a direct meaning mostly associated with divinity and mythology.The names used for hindu babies are usually suggestive of divine qualities ofGods and Goddesses.Read More...

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Nakshatra characteristics and traits

Under which nakshatra your baby is born,  plays very important role in deciding his/her life journey, nature, behaviour, education, health and wealth. We present a detailed overview of 27 nakshatras, their charans, padas, traits and characteristics in male and female natives so that parents can easily understand how their child will beehave, what will be his/her likings or dislikings, how will be his/her health, education and family life. Browse 27 Hindu Nakshatra Characteristics

Zodiac sign characteristics and traits

Zodiac signs play a very important role in defining the personality of your baby. To have a good knowledge of your baby's zodiac sign will aid in developing a deep  understanding about your child's nature. You will be able to handle your child in a better way. Baby name zone enlightens you  on the traits and characterstics of all  zodiac signs.
Zodiac Taraits and Characteristics
Baby Names According to Rashi

rhymes and poems

Rhymes & Poems
Babies love songs and rhymes with actions. Poems and Rhymes play a very important and imperative role to develope baby's  phonological awareness and mental development. Songs and rhymes can be used (especially with older children) as a form of relaxation or unwinding before bed.

        English poems               Hindi Poems

moral stories for kids

Stories for Kids Kids want to listen good stories at bedtime from their parents or grand-parents.We can inculcate moral values in our children with the help of these stories, This way children can relish the stories as well as learn out of the same. We have very carefully selected some beautiful stories for kids.

Browse our collection of bed time / moral stories


    International Baby Names

We offer unique range of International baby boy & baby girl names which includes American Baby Names, African Baby Names, Irish Baby Names, Arabic baby names, Scottish Baby names, Australian baby names, German baby names, Hebrew baby names, French baby names, Spanish baby names, Swedish baby names, Russian baby names, Latin baby names, Czech, Chinese, Danish , Dutch, Polish, Portuguese , Greek , Welsh, Slavic & Italian Baby Names

moral stories for kids

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 We have a latest collection of videos related to baby care and parenting, Indian baby names, Top indian baby names A-Z, Unique & Modern  baby names, God and Goddess names, zodiac traits and their characteristics, poems, stories and much more.